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Bellaria hospital

Famous for its neuroscience department and just 5 km away from our hotel near Bologna

One of the reasons for the great levels of efficiency reached by Bologna’s health service is the widespread presence of hospital facilities. Consider, for example, that the city has four public hospitals and one of these, the Bellaria Hospital, is extremely close to Hotel Caselle, located at via Altura 3, on the dividing line between the municipality of Bologna and San Lazzaro di Savena, a remarkable area also for its landscape, considering its proximity to the famous Parco dei Gessi Bolognesi e Calanchi dell’Abbadessa (The Bologna Chalk and Abbess Badlands Park - a park featuring a spectacular landscape of chalk formations and gullies).

Bologna’s Bellaria Hospital naturally performs a vast number of activities, but it is famous nationwide for the extremely high quality reached in the field of neuroscience, the study and treatment of pathologies related to the nervous system.

Bellaria Hospital is unequivocally  a centre of excellence for epilepsy surgery  as well as for the treatment of spinal pathologies, traumatic nerve injury, vertebral instability, hydrocephalus, medullary neoplasm and other conditions  in the realm of neuroscience.

Book a room at Hotel Caselle so you can be in easy  reach of the Bellaria Hospital. From here you can get to it in just a few minutes, as we are only 5 km away.

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